Wednesdays are for Writers: Joy M. Lilley on writing two novels

Today’s blog features published author Joy M. Lilley on writing two novels. She can be found on Amazon’s author page.  

JoyMLilley-2novelsI first began to write seriously after retiring from a long nursing career back in 2008. 

My first attempt was to write a short story for the Lady Magazine. They had previously published a couple of my letters. The remit was to write a Mills and Boon flavoured love story in the setting of a National Trust site. I chose Sissinghurst Castle as the location and busily set about crafting the love interest. On completion I proudly sent the work off to the magazine headquarters and was sorely disappointed to learn some months later that I had been unsuccessful.

Not to be deterred, I decided to send the work to a publisher in London. They said yes its good; now please send us the full manuscript. Panicking, I let them know it was a short story, but that I could expand the work and would send it in on completion. It became my first novel, Figs, Vines and Roses; the publisher wanted several thousands of pounds and for me to sign the apposite contract found alongside the letter of acceptance. I could ill afford the proposal and found another, reasonable vanity press publisher and the book was released in January 2013.

The next venture was a plethora of short stories, just one of which was published, entitled Lost and Found it went into a book along with many other writers short stories.

Following this, my second novel The Liberty Bodice began to take shape, after a visit to Market Harborough where the liberty bodice was made. Touring the factory museum, my mind wandered back to childhood when my sister and I were made to wear the rubber buttoned garment along with a vest.

I have always been interested in WW2 and the story turns to the famous S.O.E. [Special Operations Executive] agents, when our heroine joins the force that became known as Churchill’s Secret Army.

It is a story to inspire all adult readers that tells of great courage in the face of adversity.

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