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SOOP is pleased to share a collaboration with Readers In The Know (RITK) that has terrific mutual benefits.

Part of the reason that Simon founded RITK was to find great books on promotion (either free or heavily discounted), but he has taken the concept way beyond just finding great books TO giving authors a way to promote their own books. A “simple web database project very soon became something much larger and more powerful” and we think it will have tremendous benefits for our SOOP-er audience!

On behalf of our SOOP-er authors, we posed the frequently asked question: 
“Why should I list my books with Readers in the Know?” And the answer is, because:

  • Readers in the Know is the only book promotion management service where readers can browse books with upcoming as well as current promotions. This means that your book will receive vastly more exposure than if it was only listed on the actual days of promotion.
  • Readers in the Know is the first truly global book promotion management service for English-language books. So while there are many excellent websites targeting US readers with current free and discounted books, very few of these actively target UK readers, and as far as we’re aware, none provide the correct pricing and links for all the other Amazon markets as well.
  • You will only ever need to enter your author profile and book details once!
    After this they will be stored in our database and permanently accessible. In fact you don’t even need to enter most of the book details, since we pull them directly from Amazon’s database.
  • You will have dedicated, permanent, linkable, public web pages for you as an author as well as for each edition of your books.
  • You will have access to a powerful management dashboard, complete with sortable book management table, charting tool and calendar, from which you can schedule promotions, events and ads throughout the coming year.
  • In addition to free and discount promotions, you will also be able to schedule giveaways, book launches, signings, readings and other events.

Readers will also like to join RitK because you can:

  • Follow authors you like so we can notify you when they launch new books or schedule events. Plus, membership as a reader is always free.
  • Add books to your own personal watch list, so we can notify you when they’re on special offer.
  • Browse loads of great books at your convenience, knowing that every single one is matched to your preferences and will be on some kind of promotion within the next 90 days (assuming you selected ‘Upcoming’ from the ‘Promotions’ menu tab).
  • Set preferences for the exact category, content, genres and formats of books you wish to be shown, and have the books listed in the order of how well they match those preferences.

We’re looking forward to seeing any book by any of our authors that is currently published and available on Amazon also being listed on RITK. Authors! If your book is already on Amazon, add RitK to your toolkit and start promoting. All it takes is creating an account, and Simon has video guides to make it easy. You’ve got a 60-Day Free Trial period and lots of benefits to membership, which are all spelled out on the FAQ page.

We like how clean and easy to navigate is the website. There are video tutorials, a great list of FAQs (please read ALL of them before you use the Contact Us form!–just sayin’),  and Simon’s charming British accent explaining how things work. The Guided Tour video was especially helpful in understanding how the site works and translating that “tickbox” in the UK is the same as “checkbox” in America. 🙂

Simon, and Readers In the Know, welcome to the SOOP mix. 

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