SOOP on Saturday: New Book Ideas and “Shout Out” for great progress!

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We’ve got more book ideas than you can “shake a stick at”! 

Here are the latest new book ideas, in the order they appeared: 

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Shout Out For Crossing a Voting Threshold

Here’s a Shout Out to authors who deserve an honorable mention. 

New Vote Getters

These authors of NEW book ideas have already crossed one or more of the voting thresholds and qualify for FREE BENEFITS! Congratulations to . . .

Rohini Singh Blogs About “Time Manipulation” 

One of SOOP’s first published authors has posted a blog entitled “Time Manipulation:The Time Manipulator's Son

Time travel has been used in numerous ways in the books and movies. Back to the Future, Dr. Who, The Time Machine and Terminator, to name a few, have all indulged in adventures outside their timelines. Earlier this year, Disney aired a new series called Best Friend Whenever where two teens acquired the power to time travel from a laser blast at high voltage.

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