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As we have already stated, Twitter is, in our opinion, the very best way to bring in votes for Book Ideas. While you can do a lot with only basic Twitter skills, familiarizing yourself and getting skilled with various Twitter web apps can highly increase your chances of succeeding. Let’s take a look at what we think to be five of the best Twitter web apps. Maybe you could spend a bit of time during your day off checking them out…in between the hamburgers, TV marathons, and dealing with that crazy uncles. 🙂
1. Tweepi Okay, seriously, Tweepi is awesome. It makes following folks so simple and so quick, especially if you add the select all extension to Google Chrome. Its wonderful filters all but ensure that you only follow the very best, which greatly increases the chances that you will be followed back. In order to get votes for your Book Idea from Twitter, you need to be constantly bringing in new Twitter followers, so Tweepi can be a massive help.
2. This app is great because it does all of the “vote for my Book Idea” asking for you. It saves so much time, probably an hour a day depending on how many new Twitter followers you bring in each day. We’d personally suggest paying for the app as it can be unreliable otherwise. Remember that no one is going to vote for your Book Idea if they don’t know about it. You have to tell people about your Book Idea, and can save you tons of time when doing it.
3. ManageFlitter ManageFlitter is really great for unfollowing those who don’t follow you back. Remember that unfollowing people doesn’t make you a terrible person. It’s no big deal. Most people won’t even notice, and you have to do some potentially uncomfortable things in order to succeed in just about anything you do. Besides, Twitter has follow limits, so following people that don’t follow you back can make it difficult for you to bring in new followers eventually.
4. Buffer Tweeting everything individually takes up a lot of time, especially since you need to tweet often in order to get attention, and can be quite a waste. Buffer allows you to schedule your tweets ahead of time and saves you a ton of time. Be sure to check out this app and to learn the best times to tweet.
5. TweetDeck Being on Twitter is like being in business. You have to follow up with interested people. TweetDeck allows you to view multiple helpful and interesting things all at once. It can be great if you have multiple accounts, need to monitor certain hashtags, want to sort out new followers from mentions and more. Definitely check it out and learn to monitor the things that are truly important on Twitter.
Hopefully exploring these Twitter apps will be beneficial to you! We hope that you’ll use them to bring in tons of votes for your Book Ideas! Let us know in the comments below what you think of them as well as if you know of any other features or apps that would be helpful. Happy Labor Day!

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