New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars Awarded To…!

SOOP_HOT_NEW_BOOK_IDEAS1-217x300Ta-dah! It’s a SOOP-er crop of new book ideas, just waiting to tantalize your curiosity and tickle your voting fingers. 

Here are the latest new book ideas, in the order they appeared: 

See a title you like? Just visit their book idea page, read their synopsis and vote. Remember, a valid vote is one that expresses genuine interest in potential purchase of the book at a future date (it’s not a commitment, but you will get a confirmation email). 

Looking for another book idea to vote for? See all the latest book ideas here

Awarding SOOP Dollars

Once again, we announce the awards of SOOP Dollars to our top five authors whose votes are pushing them to the summit — that pinnacle of success — a published book!

SOOP Dollars for Monthly WinnersWinners, you can spend your SOOP dollars on new ways to help you advance your book towards publishing. The “SOOP mixers” team is really excited at the momentum that these book ideas are gaining and how much broader our reach is into various social mediums. It’s YOU, the writers, who are picking up the ball, running with it and WINNING. We are very excited at what YOU are doing to create this growth and we look forward to more ways to grow together. Go ahead, put your game face on and compete for a top ranking.

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