The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Nine

Now that we know about the importance of tweeting at the right time, let’s look at what can be done to make our tweets more interesting. What can we do to make it more likely for people to engage with us in response to our content? 
  • Remember looking at books as a kid? How much reading did you actually do when you were five? You probably spent a lot more time looking at the pictures than actually reading. Pictures get peoples’ attention. Tweets with pictures are much more likely to be of interest to folks on Twitter. Use pictures as often as you possibly can. Just make sure that they’re related to your content, obviously.reading-books-pictures-kids
  • Videos are also really hot on Twitter. It can be a bit more difficult to find a video that goes with your content, but you can always make one. Think about making short YouTube videos to announce things about your Book Idea’s progress. You can also consider making a short book trailer. I’ve personally made one for Sealed and really enjoyed doing so. Mine’s definitely not the best, but some of you folks could easily pull off a great one!
  • People love quotes! It seems so simple, but throw in a quote with your content every once in a while. Apply your content to the quote, for instance. It’s one of the simplest things that you can do.maya-quote-untold-story
  • Hashtags obviously increase the chance that people will see your content. Just remember to use the right ones and that tweets with more than three hashtags come off as a bit spammy.
  • Quote peoples’ tweets that agree with you and include a bit of your own commentary and content.
The ideas above are some solid, proven methods to get people interested in your content more than if you only send out normal tweets. Keep things interesting and different. No one is entertained by something that’s exactly the same as a hundred million other things. Be different and unique just like your Book Idea is interesting and special, and you’ll do great!


  1. Thanks for advice someone has tried to sabotage my unread book. What kind of power does that give it. Red revenge Charlie Wilkes

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