The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Eight

While one would think that logically our #MarketingMonday series dealing with bringing in votes via Twitter should now cover what sort of content should be shared in order to draw in interest, I believe that instead we should examine at which times and in what quantities one should share content. It’s so important, and it’s something that is so readily and so easily overlooked. Many people simply get excited and forget that, while they’re up and excited about their book at two in the morning after eighteen cups of coffee, most people around the world, are not on Twitter at that time. Others simply don’t think about how important timing is.

The most important thing to remember is that your audience is global. Someone in California can read your book. Someone is New York City can read your book. Someone in India can read your book. Someone in Kenya can read your book. Someone in Melbourne can read your book. Unless your book is totally focused on a specific country’s citizens, your target audience is global. You’re trying to attract as many people in the English speaking world as possible. Your tweets need to be sent at times during which as many people as possible are online AND on Twitter.

clocks-time-zone-londonnewyorktokyoThere is one simple way to ensure that your tweets are sent at the time. I may have mentioned Buffer previously, but it’s really great for learning when to post. You can program in who you are targeting, and it will automatically tell you when to tweet in order to reach everyone. I generally try to reach people on the East Coast, in the United Kingdom, and in Australia and New Zealand. To be the most thorough, also include a city on the West Coast, like Los Angeles. You want your targeting to be wide in order to reach as many people as possible.

With this knowledge in your back pocket, begin thinking about how you can change up your social media strategy to target everyone. This is a global world now. Your audience should be global. Use correct timing to reach the biggest audience possible.


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