The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Seven

This week we discuss how you can easily get promotions for your Book Idea in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of people using Twitter. We’re going to be discussing getting retweets, and because we’ve recently reached twenty five thousand followers on Twitter, retweets from us will definitely help you guys. Besides, for now, simple promotional tweets for your Book Ideas will work.
First, any time (within reason) you need a retweet for a promotional message regarding your Book Idea on Twitter, just tag SOOP in the tweet (write @SOOPLLC), and we’ll retweet your tweet to over twenty five thousand people interested in books, writing, and the publishing industry.
Second, when you ask people for votes, include PLZ RT in your tweet. Many people are willing to retweet you if you simply ask. Do the same when you post general tweets asking for votes.
Third, make sure that you use good hashtags that get automatic retweets. Include hashtags like #BookBoost, #IndieBooksBeSeen, and #AllBooks, and you’ll have tons of retweets in no time.
As a parting piece of advice, also remember that tweets with media (pictures or videos) are much more likely to get retweeted. With those tips in mind, get out there and tweet about your book AND get retweeted so that even more folks will see information about your Book Idea.

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