SOOP on Saturday: New Book Ideas and “Shout Out” for a great debut

reading-book-outsideWriters, the titles of these new book ideas that you have published are fascinating! Don’t they make you want to pick up the book, turn it over, flip through it and start reading? Oh… wait… they need something. What do they need? Your vote! 

Yes, you can read the book idea (click the title link below), but every vote will help the writer towards publishing so you can read the book! Vote for a book idea today.

Here are the latest new book ideas, in the order they appeared: 

Just visit their book idea page, read their synopsis and vote. Remember, a valid vote is one that expresses genuine interest in potential purchase of the book at a future date (it’s not a commitment). Looking for a book idea to vote for? See all the latest book ideas here

Shout out for a great debut!

Two of these new book ideas have burst onto the voting scene and firmly established trumpet-blast-by-elephantthemselves in the Top 20!  They’ve been rocking the votes in record numbers: 

We welcome Lamees A. as a published author who is widening her audience beyond its former borders. The Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP) model of author-driven publishing gives Lamees the opportunity for a new venue for her book and the benefit of support from SOOP to continue to even greater publishing success. As for all authors, the more votes you earn, the more benefits are unlocked at each voting milestone. Great way to start your climb, Lamees!

See the final monthly vote counts in next week’s SOOP on Saturdays: Top 20 popular book ideas. 

Wondering how to get votes for your book idea? Read the series of blogs on Marketing Mondays, or search for “getting votes” in the search box (top right). 

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