The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Six


As I alluded to last week in my post regarding how to actually ask for votes for your Book Idea on Twitter, there is an even faster way to do it than either the simplified version of my method or Wade’s equally good method. In fact, once you’ve set it up, you don’t have to do anything at all with regards to asking folks for votes on Twitter! It does it for you automatically! 
One of the really great Twitter apps that I’ve found is called This app has all sorts of fancy features. I don’t use most of them as I already had other tools in place when I discovered it, but there are definitely useful features other than the one we will discuss here. Rather than mentioning hundreds of people every week and asking them for votes, will do it for you automatically with tweets that you program in! It’s a fantastic saver of time. If Twitter were a religion, would be the patron saint of efficiency. Sorry for the religion, but I am the writer behind Sealed, after all. 🙂
The great thing about is just how simple it is to use. It specifically tells you how to use it, and the instructions couldn’t be more simple. Remember a few things when using it:
  • The free version definitely works…most of the time. We’ve had some problems with it at SOOP recently and have since switched to a paid plan, which works fantastically well. Make sure that you monitor things if you use the free version to ensure that it works without any problems.
  • Don’t over personalize things. No one has time to greet four hundred people a week personally. Just use people’s Twitter handles. Using their first name is kind of odd, and it looks so robotic. Everyone knows that they’re automated, but still, it’s something that personally annoys me.
  • Remember that no one owes you anything on Twitter. Keep the messages that you program into super polite. 
If your fingers haven’t fallen off yet from greeting everyone yourself, go check out and give it a try! It’s awesome, and you really need to use it if you want to use the methods that we’ve outlined efficiently! Check back next week for another post! Most likely it will be related to general tips regarding to posting for the sake of promotion.



  1. The problem I experienced was 1 letter was dropped off my bit ly. Link and while I corrected it pretty quickly for three months it was like a ghost coming back to haunt me. The broken link connected to a page in South Korea, weird!

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