The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Five


By this time in our series, you know how to set up an effective Twitter account, how to bring followers to it, and how to keep yourself from following bad apples. That’s all great, but simply growing a Twitter account isn’t going to get you any votes for your Book Idea unless tons of folks click on the link in your bio and decide to vote. However, with the strategies outlined in this post, you’ll see that the number of votes that you have previously been getting is small potatoes as my buddy Donald Trump would say. If you follow these strategies, your vote count will increase big league, so pay attention! This is some really good stuff.

You have to understand that people follow hundreds, thousands, and often times tens of thousands of people. If you don’t mention people, meaning that you don’t type “@BasilicaCEO, you’re such a wonderful guy”, they’re never going to see your message as it will be buried in ten thousand other tweets in minutes, literally. Don’t waste your time sending a hundred tweets a day asking for votes for your book that don’t include mentions.

It is important, too, to note that folks need to be asked while they are active. For that reason, you want to hit up people when they follow you as there will be a greater chance that they will be online and ready to help. Keep in mind as well that a tweet like, “@BasilicaCEO, Please vote for my book” isn’t really going to do much. Maybe I’m just not a nice person, but I’m not overly inclined to drop everything and go help someone just because. However if you retweeted one of my annoying endorsements of Donald Trump for President then asked me, I’d be much more inclined to help you. In the same way, if I saw that you had followed me back and if you mentioned that in your tweet, I would also be much more willing to help.

Our founder and my good friend Wade Fransson and I have slightly different ways of using Twitter to bring in votes. Wade always retweets a user’s tweet then asks for a vote and offers a favor in return, which is awesome and very generous of him. Since, as you guys probably well know by now, I’m not the nicest guy on the planet, I rely more on volume, and just ask hundreds and thousands of people for a vote. I don’t think that either of us are necessarily “right”. Wade is likely more right than I am, but both methods work very well. Choose one and get going! Remember that no one owes you anything and that you need to give them a reason to help you. Also keep in mind to hit up people for votes as soon as they follow you or as shortly thereafter as possible.

Happy vote collecting, guys! Next week we’ll look at a more industrialized approach to my method, but until then, increase your vote count big league with Twitter!

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