SOOP on Saturdays: Special Shout Out for “Stolen” Getting Votes in June

New book idea votes

Who is good at getting votes?

When the stats about the top 10 book ideas getting votes for June came through my Inbox, I thought “It’s too bad there’s not another blog scheduled until next week.”  And then I went through a whole series of mental machinations about whether  to write a one-off blog or just tweet a single congrats or ask the SOOP Team to also tweet about getting votes. My fingers were typing and deleting, editing and backspacing [kinda like they are now]. Finally, I decided “I’ll just have to write one anyway!

These writers — one in particular — were really good at getting votes, which deserves kudos considering everything else going on in life, right?

At the top of the list: Stolen by Haley Sulich with 171 votes in June. And this was the book idea that I overlooked even mentioning the week it made its debut on our Top 20 chart! Yowzah! [OK, now I’m glad I decided to write this, ‘cuz I felt so bad about missing it earlier…]

In second place — and part of the reason he didn’t think this blog-worthy; rather humble, if you ask me  — the dad, visionary, virtue-driven Wade Fransson with The Rod of Iron‘s 136 votes.

Last but not least, the third highest at getting votes in June is The Phoenix Legion & The Dark Occult by Zohaib Ahmed at 109 votes.

That’s awesome! You writers, readers, bloggers, authors and tweeters are doing great! I compare those numbers with the Top 20 popular book ideas: even #20 has over 100 votes, and these writers pulled in over 100 votes in just one month. [Pssst, the rest of you! Are you gonna let them get out ahead so much like that? Do what they’re doing. Get votes and get mentioned!]

Ok, now I feel better. I’m going to go pour myself a cold beverage, sit outside, look at the view and think warm, patriotic thoughts of community and connectedness.

Happy 4th of July everyone! flag-american-barn

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