Wednesdays are for Writers: interview draws worldwide attention

global-freedom-hands-peaceAs we celebrate freedom on July 1st (Canada Day) and July 4th (American Independence Day), we acknowledge the work of author Aleksandar Veljic, who was recently interviewed by Kathy Reinhart.

Last week’s interview with author Aleksandar Veljic has drawn unprecedented worldwide attention.  The most-viewed interview Kathy Reinhart ever published on Ink Drop Interviews ( garnered over 1500 views from more than 70 countries in three days after being published.

Veljic’s book Genocide Revealed sparked worldwide interest last year when a publicized UN Archive confirmed the veracity of his well documented research (  Among the war criminals listed in the UN Archive is the main perpetrator of the Genocide, who Veljic exposed: Hitler’s ally in Hungary, Miklos Horthy.  Horthy’s genocidal politics affected several European nations and decimated the Serbian and Jewish communities in northern occupied Serbia.

Veljic confirms that ordinary people everywhere have well understood the message of his book:

“I am amazed and touched by comments I have received from Latin Americans and black Africans.  Yet, I am puzzled by a lack of interest of some others.  For example, Dr. Eric Mondschein, who wrote the Foreword, has never received any response from the college and university Holocaust programs approached, [and] Serbian diaspora in English-speaking countries have remained quite indifferent to the book.”

The author of Genocide Revealed is also an active member of the March Against Monsanto community, which understands the parallels he has drawn between a past genocide in his country and a current one being implemented worldwide through genetic manipulation of seeds.  Veljic’s warning given to the National Assembly of Serbia on GMO threat has echoed throughout the world (  Many in his audience appreciate the fact that there are no half-truths in his approach.  He also points out that his interview with Kathy Reinhart has struck a cord with those fond of ancient history:

“I mentioned in that interview that the victims were tossed into the Danube. That river had been anciently named after a pagan Assyrian goddess, Ishtar.  The Tribe of Dan renamed it after their forefather.  I have been researching the migrations of ancient Tribes of Israel who moved along the banks of Danube.  Many settled here, while others moved northwest to Denmark, Ireland, Scandinavia, British Commonwealth and United States.  That is why people in those countries understand the passion of my research”.

As Aleksandar mentioned in his interview, it takes passion to continue to write and finish writing a book. SOOP encourages all aspiring authors to draw from their passions to share their inspiration, experiences and stories and help create a better world where everyone enjoys freedom. We wish you all a very enjoyable day of celebrating “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

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