SOOP on Saturdays: new book ideas for June 20, 2015

kitchen-cooking-pots-soopThe SOOP is sizzling, people! For an appetizer, stick around for some great news about our menu of upcoming blogs.

Main course: Here are our new book ideas for June 20th, 2015, in the order they appeared:

Special mention and sincere apologies for overlooking one of the new book ideas. Stolen by Haley Sulich made its debut on our TOP 20 list last week in 16th position with 151 votes. (They really oughta fire that gal they call a blog editor for slipping up on this one!)

Dessert: as promised, our menu of upcoming blogs features:

secret-shush-quiet-girlAnd I have the inside scoop on a SOOP-er special event that will help raise awareness for YOU (our writers and authors), achieve pre-order sales, and raise money for an Author Driven event or achievement. Stay tuned…! [uh-ohh, I hope I haven’t said too much.]

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