New book ideas for May 31, 2015 and SOOP Dollar winners

mountain-climb02Congratulations to these writers who are just beginning their journey with Something Or Other Publishing by publishing a new book idea. Lao Tzu said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So congrats for taking that first step. We think of the path to publishing as climbing a mountain, and we’re here to “sherpa” you to the top!

We also acknowledge and reward those writers whose book ideas are in the top 5 ranking of our Top 20 book ideas by rewarding them with SOOP dollars.

Here are our new book ideas for May 31st, 2015, in the order they appeared:

Our SOOP dollar winners* for May 2015 top 5 writers in the Top 20 list are:Dollars-handheld

  1. $50 to Nicole Collet for Red 
  2. $40 to Christian Lee for Sealed
  3. $30 to Keith Hughes for HipHughes Teacher Tips
  4. $20 to Wade Fransson for The Rod of Iron
  5. $10 to Vivek Kumar for Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages)

Winners have several ways to cash in SOOP dollars and keep the book ideas moving forward. For example (more info here):

  • Product:  A sample section edit. Value: $50 or SD100.
  • Platform: Your choice of Basic Twitter or Facebook packages. Value:$40–$50  or SD80–100.
  • Pitch: Cover Art Consultation and Cover Art. Value: $300 or SD600

Keep up the good writing! Your participation expands our potential for the future! We are very excited at what YOU are doing to fuel this author-driven publishing model and we look forward to more ways to grow together. Go ahead, put your game face on and compete for a top ranking.

SOOP Indie Authors GraphicWe love indie authors:
Joanne Mallon on finishing!

Got a question? FAQs with Answers

*these SOOP dollars expire 5/31/16

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