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votesAs you guys may have seen, RED by Nicole Collet and Sealed by Christian Lee (hmmm…that name sounds familiar…) have both passed the 1000-vote level, which gives us an opportunity to unveil the latter section of our publishing process. In the former, between zero and 1000 votes, the goal is to bring in votes and to complete the activities associated with each voting milestone. Things change after an author’s book idea has received 1000 votes.

Every successful author needs fans — people dedicated to her and her boofans-book-excitedk, who are more than willing to spread the word about both. In the latter portion of our publishing process, the focus is on acquiring fans, who are much more valuable than a simple vote. A vote gives a book idea writer an email address to which she can send a message telling about the publication of her book eventually. A fan gives an author an evangelist who will spread the word and, perhaps more importantly, the excitement.

So how are fans gained, and what’s the point of getting votes if getting fans is the ultimate goal?

We intend for votes to turn into fans after an author reaches the 1000-vote level. Not every voter will become a fan. That’s a simple, harsh reality. I personally did some testing of the Votes to Fans Conversion Program that we will be implementing at 1,200 votes, using myself and Sealed as guinea pigs, and found that to be very much true. However, a Book Idea author will have one thousand voters whom she can ask to become a fan.

Many people will be interested, so keep that in mind. To start, fans will come from converting simple voters into “hardcore” fans by exciting them about the book and the author. Once a fan base is created, the fervor for an author and her book should spread through the fans to their family and friends and create more and more fans with the ultimate goal of two thousand. At this point, the author won’t be doing as much to bring in votes and will instead focus upon guiding her fan club and putting it to work for her.

Our “votes to fans system” is unique among publishing companies. In fact, we believe it’s unique to SOOP, so this aspect of our model needs to be understood.

Every successful person has help in some way: A successful political candidate has lots and lots of people putting signs in their yard, supporting her or donating money. A successful athlete has a great coach and likely trainers and therapists. A successful author has lots of fans.

With that in mind, let’s work on creating solid fan bases and becoming dedicated fans ourselves of our favorite authors and

For more inspiration on getting votes and the easiest ways to get votes (so you can turn them into fans), see Christian Lee’s Marketing Monday blogs

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