#MarketingMondays: Have a Reason

There’s always a reason to celebrate or to make a big deal about things. Why do we make a big deal about December 25th? The Church decided to celebrate the Birth of Christ on that day. Why do people make a big deal about your birthday? Because something significant happened in their lives that day. There’s always a reason for a big celebration, and I believe that there should always be a reason for a promotion.

Recently I’ve been writing emails to promote Sealed, my book idea. In doing so, I was sure to not just write “join Sealed’s fan club” every single time. To be honest, if I received ten emails saying “join Sealed’s fan club” over the course of a couple months, I would join the first time then say “already did that”, “no”, “get lost”, “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” then eventually unsubscribe.

Rather than a boring “join Sealed’s fan club” email each time, I wrote things about how I’ve already turned down a publishing contract for Sealed and how I created a new book cover for Sealed, for example. If I got those kinds of emails, I’d be a lot more apt to care and to get into things.

My suggestion with book promotion is to always tie it to something new and exciting, something significant. Maybe it’s “Check out this interview I did with _________ book reviewer” or “I just received by twentieth five-star review on Amazon” or “Just sold my hundredth copy”. It doesn’t really matter, but always add a reason to why you’re promoting your book and make it exciting. People will respond much better and will not get bored as quickly.

~ Christian Lee

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