SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for March 28, 2015

Life happens. We all thought Nicole Collet was going to take us over the top last weekend with votes for Red. And we have no doubt she’ll break the 1000-vote mark … but someone who wrote Sealed — our very own Christian Lee — has gained 130 votes since last count! Whaaaaaaat?! (He must know something about getting votes.)  

The Top 20 most popular book ideas as of March 28, 2015 are:

  1. RED by Nicole Collet – 975 votes
  2. Sealed by Christian Lee – 853 votes
  3. The Rod of Iron by Wade Fransson – 548 votes
  4. The Time-Walker Chronicles: Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den by Paul Long – 500 votes
  5. “Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages)” by Vivek Kumar – 488 votes
  6. Destiny Maybe by Hanzel Calangan – 323 votes
  7. A Journey of Faith by Ann Harrison – 236 votes
  8. And i Am the Enemy by Colten Zacharias – 204 votes
  9. Passing Through by Wendy Karasin – 201 votes
  10. Reckless by Zeke Kuenzi – 180 votes
  11. Miss Popular and Mr. Right by Linda Yassine – 162 votes
  12. Thy Broken Mind by Kain Fairbrooks – 145 votes
  13. My Possessive Mate by Monique Potrzeba – 106 votes
  14. The Sender by Bushra Satkhed – 101 votes
  15. STAGES: An Experiential Guide for Theatre Fundamentals by Mindy Early – 97 votes
  16. Mark It Book: Dirty Minded Sales Calls by Glenn Rhea – 93 votes
  17. Unwritten Love by Angelica Carlin – 86 votes
  18. Tales of the Heavenly Oak by Philip Bauer – 78 votes
  19. Lead with Love and Peace: It’s What the World Needs Now! by Michael Rochelle – 72 votes
  20. No Rest for the Wicked by Benjamin Springston – 69 votes

Last but not least… Benjamin Springston has snuck into the Top 20 with his wicked title getting votes from 69 readers.

SOOP salutes those authors whose book ideas have gained 20 or more votes since last count: Kain Fairbrooks (Thy Broken Mind); Ann Harrison (A Journey of Faith); Hanzel Calangan (Destiny Maybe); and Wade Fransson (The Rod of Iron).

Writers, don’t hesitate to send in an updated book idea synopsis if the creative wheels are turning. We’re here to support your success to getting that book idea published!

SOOP Dollars are hereby awarded to March 2015’s top five authors as follows: Nicole Collet Dollars-handheld(S$50), Christian Lee (S$40), Wade Fransson (S$30), Paul Long (S$20) and Vivek Kumar (S$10).

SOOP Dollars can help improve your production, platform, and pitch. Where will you spend yours?


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