How I Used SOOP to Get a Publishing Contract

We all know that SOOP is a publishing company and that it publishes authors who write good books and who show an ability to build and maintain an effective author platform, but did you know that SOOP is also a way to introduce yourself to other publishers? Three publishers, since November 18, have invited me to send them copies of Sealed! One even offered me a contract!

Back in December was the first time another publisher saw Sealed and asked about it. I believe that I had asked the publisher for a vote without realizing who I was asking, but regardless, I was invited to send Sealed to them, Wizards Keep Publishing, and they looked it over for a few days. I didn’t really think much of it when I first sent it. The book was more finished then than it is now as I have since rewritten it, but it still wasn’t half done, and I hadn’t edited it much, but in spite of that, the folks at Wizards Keep Publishing got back to me within a few days saying that they were interested and that they would send along a contract once their editor finished making comments on what I had sent! They really did send a contract a couple days later!

We went back and forth a bit on the contract, and a certain someone wanted a bit more than they were willing to give, so we didn’t make a deal, but being offered a publishing contract for the first book I’ve ever submitted somewhere when it wasn’t even half done was awesome! I know for a fact that I never would have had that experience had I not published my book idea with SOOP. Andretta, the co-owner of Wizards Keep Publishing, never would have seen the book idea for Sealed and never would have asked for it. Most likely, I never would have found Wizards Keep Publishing on my own either, as it was and still is a small, new company.

A couple days ago, I was invited by two more publishing companies to send to them what I have thus far! One is a self-publisher, Mousai Ton Theon Studios. While I’m not really looking to self-publish Sealed right now, I want to at least give everything a fair look, and his merchandising is awesome, which is available even to authors who don’t self-publish with him.

Less than twenty four hours later, another publisher, PECCO, also invited me to send to them a couple chapters! I haven’t fully figured out what they’re all about yet, and, as I texted a friend of mine, “I’m pretty much going with SOOP unless Penguin flies me to the Vatican City States so that I can sign the contract in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica and includes a tour of the entire basilica by the Pope himself and unlimited access to the Vatican Secret Archives”, but I figure that even the feedback will be helpful.

I hope this post encourages you! Many of you have far more experience as authors than I do. If I can use SOOP to get lots of attention for Sealed, I know that you guys can do the same for your respective books!

= = =Christian Lee w tie

Christian Lee is SOOP’s Social Media Strategist, the Founder and CEO of Basilica Press, which will be partnering with SOOP for SOOP ♥ Indie Authors, and the author of both Sealed and The Beatific Vision. When not working on social media accounts, marketing strategies, or his writing projects, Christian can be found watching endless hours of The Apprentice or nerding out about some old relic, saint, or basilica.


  1. Both Mousai Ton Theon Studios and PECCO responded positively to Sealed! Mousai Ton Theon Studios requested everything of Sealed that I’ve written, and PECCO invited me to send the whole thing once it’s done! Still planning to go with SOOP, but I want to at least give other options a look to be fair minded and to better my knowledge of the publishing industry. With Mousai To Theon Studios, my main interest is in merchandising anyways since I don’t really want to self-publish. Let me tell you, their stuff is really, really cool! 🙂

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