SOOP on Saturdays: New Book Ideas for February 2015

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March, they say, comes “in lion and goes out like a lamb”. That’s great for the weather, but what about books and new book ideas? Here are some great “lion and lamb” ideas ranging from blasted pop stars meeting on a dark rainy day to pretty silver warriors enduring a beatific destiny in a taxi. [OK, so I’m stretching the word-play here, but keep reading…].

Here are February 2015’s new book ideas in the order they appeared:


Image copyright Martin Grandjean.

The progress already made by some of these new book ideas is remarkable. For example, Until We Meet Again already has 41 votes since it posted a month ago. And No Rest for the Wicked and The Five Warriors have 62 and 15 votes respectively in the last 10 days. Not bad action. All it takes is some activity to your personal network to get the word out and the result reflects your skill in intriguing readers to want more from the synopsis.

Every month, we award SOOP Dollars to the top five authors. Share your title with your network: tell them to “vote for your favorites” and keep checking in to see how the votes add up!

What are you waiting for? Submit your new book idea here. You know you want to.

Don’t forget: If you post today, you’ll be featured in next month’s New Book Ideas post! Get your author platform off to a great start!

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