SOOP on Saturday: Shout Out for great progress by new book ideas!

Keep ’em coming! You writers have posted 13 new book ideas since the beginning of February,  and we’re here to give a “shout out” to some great progress made by writers already climbing up the ranks.

Following are our greatest “movers and shakers” — those authors whose book idea is “knocking it out of the park” for various reasons:

  1. Stepping it Up—author of the book idea that moved up the most slots within the chart, month over month. Moving from 18th place to 4th place in one month: Congratulations to Paul Long for “The Time-Walker Chronicles: Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den
  2. Most Increased Votes—author of the book idea that showed the largest numeric increase in votes (not considering the Stepping it Up category), month over month. This book idea garnered 236 more votes since last month: Congratulations to Christian Lee for “Sealed
  3. Highest Debut—author of the book idea that entered the Top 20 at the highest ranking in either of the two monthly Top 20 posts. This author’s book idea made a debut at 16th position: Congratulations to Kain Fairbrooks for “Thy Broken Mind


And . . . for those not already recognized, here’s a Shout Out to authors who deserve an honorable mention:

  • Most Consistent Climber—author of the book idea that has moved up in the ranking month-over- month for the longest series of months. Congratulations to Wade Fransson for a steady climb from 12th to 8th to 5th place in the last three months, *and* more-than-doubling the votes for “The Rod of Iron” since last month!
  • Tie-game: for 10th place and good increase in votes, we acknowledge Ann Harrison for “A Journey of Faith” and Linda Yassine for “Miss Popular and Mr. Right“.

We plan to recognize authors and their progress on a monthly basis. Good job everyone. Keep those new book ideas coming!

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