SOOP on Saturdays: New Book Ideas for January 2015

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The year is off to a great start with 17 writers posting their new book ideas in January. Paul Long’s title The Time-Walker Chronicles: Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den has leapt out front with over 250 votes and already qualified for a book consultation! Congratulations Paul! Way to make an appearance!

In a totally different genre, Mindy Early’s new book idea STAGES: An Experiential Guide for Theatre Fundamentals has gained some traction with over 75 votes, meaning she also benefits by receiving the Platform Self-Help Guide. Way to go writers!

Here are January 2015’s new book ideas in the order they appeared:

The progress already made by Paul Long’s new book idea The Time-Walker Chronicles: Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den deserves a special Shout Out. We are delighted to see this title garnering so much interest already and are poised to provide the book consultation that he has earned. Every time a writer reaches another milestone, they unlock the benefit and move forward towards being published.

Every month, we award SOOP Dollars to the top five authors. Share your title with your network: tell them to “vote for your favorites“and keep checking in to see how the votes add up!

We know you’ve got new book ideas in you. What are you waiting for? Submit your new book idea here. You know you want to.

Don’t forget: If you post today, you’ll be featured in next month’s New Book Ideas post! Get your author platform off to a great start!

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