Writers on Wednesday: Rohini Singh: The Road to Publishing The Time Manipulator’s Son — and Beyond

The Time Manipulator's SonNow that The Time Manipulator’s Son is published, I have seen that writing the book was the easy part. After finding a publisher in Something or Other Publishing, I soon learnt that my manuscript required many thorough rounds of developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

I actually enjoyed going though the different phases of editing. I developed great respect for the editors that I worked with at SOOP. They were professional, easy to work with, and always available to provide guidance. I learnt quite a bit from this process in terms of identifying loose ends and holes in the plot.

To stimulate interest with potential readers to pre-order the book, I managed to obtain a two-minute feature on prime time news, but felt discouraged when I did not receive the response I expected.

This challenge intensified with the use of social media, since I was not previously active online and had to build a new network to promote my book. I started posting bi-weekly blogs on my website and regular posts on SOOP’s blog to broaden the spectrum of visitors to my website.

After the book was released, and with the help of promoter Christian Lee, the SOOP team and I began blasting the announcement of the publication of The Time Manipulator’s Son on social media. Within the first twenty-four hours, the book ranked as a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon.com. This was a major accomplishment for me. I was quite impressed to see the significant difference on my Facebook page views after the release of the book.

I am ecstatic about the success. The journey was long and winding, but every minute spent on social media promoting my book paid off. Of course, this is just the beginning; I have to keep engaging in discussions and finding new ways to continue promoting the book.

Building a significant platform for The Time Manipulator’s Son required lots of small steps, and I know the job isn’t done yet. The book still has a lot of future readers who haven’t even heard of it yet, and hopefully it will continue to gain new readers for decades to come. It will be available in bookstores in Trinidad soon, where I hope it will have a positive impact on local interest in reading. In the meantime, please consider purchasing the book on Amazon.com!


  1. Chris Bails says:

    Looks like a good book. I will have to check it out

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