The Time Manipulator’s Son Is Now Available!

The Time Manipulator's Son

The Time Manipulator’s Son

Rohini Singh is now officially the first published female science fiction author from Trinidad! The December 10 publication date of The Time Manipulator’s Son means you can order it just in time for Christmas! A book is the perfect gift for young imaginations, so why not stuff their stockings with a story full of adventure, suspense, and mystery?

Let this book introduce you to a brand new world in a distant galaxy, where the sky is a different color each day of the week, and where species such as biclopses, flykinds, steamhounds, blockheads, and earthlings (including Trinidadians) all coexist under two and a half moons. The book tackles the sensitive and ever-important subjects of bullying and diversity as it follows three young boys struggling to find their roles in a confusing world. In the spirit of its message of equality, The Time Manipulator’s Son‘s was published on December 10 — exactly 66 years after the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

To pick a quote from the Journal Sentinel’s coverage of the book’s publication: “The book, which was dubbed a ‘delightfully original blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and Caribbean cultural flavor’ by early reviewer Rionne Boyke, will hit Amazon’s virtual shelves with some wind at its back, thanks to a number of early positive reviews. Acclaimed journalist and novelist Debra Pickett wrote that the story, which takes place on a planet boasting a wide range of alien species living together, ‘manages to be both kid-friendly and a thoughtful examination of cultural diversity.’ Cartoonist and children’s author Ray Friesen called the book ‘a true modern fairy tale’ that evoked different elements of The Wizard of Oz, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dr. Who.”

Okay, maybe that was more than one quote, but we just can’t hold back our excitement! Order your copy today, and don’t forget to add a second copy to your cart to give the gift of adventure to a loved one!

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