Writers on Wednesday: Christian Lee: Thunderclap

Canterbury Cathedral Stained GlassNo matter how big of a publishing company you have behind you, as a writer, you always need to do promotion yourself. Why do you think that Dan Brown has a Twitter account? He doesn’t tweet anything himself, but he realizes the great power social media has as a marketing tool. Most celebrities have social media accounts. Some like to brag, some like to interact with fans, and some just like sharing funny pictures, but they all have a greater purpose for using social media sites. They want to market themselves and whatever they need to sell.

I’ve found a tool that I think will in time become one of the greatest ways for authors to get the world interested in their books. It’s called Thunderclap. Have you ever worried that your constant tweets and Facebook or Tumblr posts are about as annoying as when you make a tiny mistake and end up erasing a hole in your favorite journal? Well, they are, and your followers and friends get annoyed with them really quickly.
With Thunderclap, you get followers and friends to donate tweets or posts to your cause. These tweets or posts aren’t just some cheesy praise of your book. When they donate a tweet or post, they are actually agreeing to have one posted for them that you have written. This way, you can do a remarkable job of branding without annoying your followers since other people will be getting the word out for you! Not only will you not annoy your friends, but you will reach so many more people. As an extra bonus, all of the donated tweets and posts will be sent out at a time of your choosing, meaning that Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr will be flooded with your message!
I hope you take advantage of this great tool for promoting your books! Are you not convinced yet? I’m actually testing it out myself to get more votes for my book idea. Before you put a lot of work into setting up your campaign and getting people to donate tweets and posts to it, watch mine to see if its effect is worth it to you. I’ll be letting you guys know how it goes with another post in a couple weeks. Hopefully it turns out to be as great of a marketing tool as I think it will be! Wish me luck!

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