SOOP Dollars Begin This Month

SOOP Dollars for Monthly WinnersWe’re always working hard to bring more empowering tools to SOOP authors. Each month, authors submit new book ideas to SOOP, and the road to becoming the next submission to receive one thousand votes from potential readers becomes that much more competitive. To reward the most active authors on this path toward publishing contract eligibility, we have announced a new program in which the three top-placing book ideas each month will be rewarded valuable prizes.

On the third Saturday of every month, we announce the monthly Top 10 book ideas, sorted by the total number of validated votes each book concept has received. Beginning this month, we will award monthly prizes of $50, $25, and $10, respectively, to the authors of the top three titles. These prizes will come in the form of “SOOP Dollars,” which can be used to claim valuable author benefits from our Production, Platform, and Pitch packages.

Production packages help authors to achieve optimal results with their manuscripts, particularly in the areas of editing and proofreading. Platform packages support author efforts to establish lasting connections with their audiences via social media, blogging, and other outreach efforts. Pitch packages help authors to hone and deliver their marketing pitches to potential readers, in various formats.

Authors are eligible to receive these awards multiple times—as many times as they finish in the top three.

“We call our process author-driven publishing, and this program underscores that approach,” says SOOP founder Wade Fransson. “We want to help writers blaze their own paths forward toward success as they define it, but with the support of proven methods and a team of professionals.”

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