SOOP on Saturday: The SOOP Top 10 for September 2014

This month, our Top 10 list comes with the announcement of a new SOOP program, to begin in October: SOOP Dollar Awards! Each month, the three top-placing book ideas will be awarded prizes of $50, $25, and $10, respectively, for use in Production, Platform, and Pitch Packages.

More details will follow soon, but you can start planning your marketing and platform outreach now to claim the top spots next month!

Now, here are September’s Top 10 book ideas as of Friday, September 5th:

  1. Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages) by Vivek Kumar – 501 votes
  2. RED by Nicole Collet – 407 votes
  3. Passing Through by Wendy Karasin – 223 votes
  4. And I am the Enemy by Colten Zacharias – 201 votes
  5. My Possessive Mate  by Monique Potrzeba – 88 votes
  6. Snarls of Love by Sandra Carvalho – 65 votes
  7. A Texan Down Under by John Dickerson – 59 votes
  8. Lead with Love and Peace: It’s What the World Needs Now! by Michael Rochelle – 53 votes
  9. A Beating Heart Never Stops by MCMS Adolescents – 50 Votes
  10. Climbing the Cross Cultural Cliff by Rali Panchanatham – 46 votes

Nicole Collet’s RED made an impressive hurtle up the list with 182 new votes in the last month! Congratulations, Nicole, on such a good sprint. Remember, writers, SOOP provides free guides on book production, author platform, and pitching your book idea as you reach 25, 75, and 150 votes, respectively. Share your book ideas with all your friends to get more votes!

And now, how about a little feedback? Writers, what sorts of programs would you like to see from SOOP? Post your ideas in the comments below, and we’ll get to work!

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