Writers on Wednesday: Rohini Singh: Why I Started Writing

Rohini Singh

Author Rohini Singh at home.

Coming from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, I grew up reading  traditional books written by the Grimm Brothers, Mark Twain, Enid Blyton, Robert Louis Stevenson, and many others. They were all exciting and introduced worlds that crossed the boundaries of reality. This type of writing was most intriguing to me, and I started creating my own worlds, but there always was a clear distinction between fantasy and reality. At a very early age I was able to create a complete story from a collection of randomly selected songs by various artists. My imagination is very colourful and vivid, so something was always floating around.

When I entered secondary school at age eleven, I was fascinated by the locally and regionally written books used in literature classes. Novels and short story collections by Vidya Niapaul, Samuel Selvon, and Michael Anothony (to name a few) really had me captivated since I could relate to the stories being told. I even read my brothers’ books and got hooked on the “Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew” series. Unlike other girls, romance novels were not really appealing to me because I relished getting caught up in action, adventure, and mystery. I read any of these books I could get my hands on.

Another contributing factor was my love for science fiction. I was glued to the television to every SF show. I adored the ideas of aliens, alternate realities, and futuristic technologies. (Special thanks to Gene Roddenberry. I am still amazed at his vision into the future from the 1960s.)  My early attempt at writing began after I was introduced to creative writing. I started with short stories and accumulated a small collection, but they got thrown out years ago from the cupboard in which they were stored. I later wrote a screenplay and half of a novel, but I got distracted with other events in my life and decided to pursue other careers.

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The Time Manipulator's SonAbout The Time Manipulator’s Son, now available for pre-order from Something or Other Publishing: Powerful aliens hide on an asteroid floating above the planet Chyspah. Fearing for her child’s life, a widow breaks the laws of her people and makes contact with the leader of the planet. Her actions kick off a long series of strange occurrences and unexpected discoveries that lead three boys to solve their parents’ mysteries as they’re caught in the midst of the royal family’s fall from power. Daniel experiences bizarre episodes of time travel, while Anomar learns he was adopted—and that his real parents belong to a species of aliens with supernatural powers.

With the reluctant help of their timid friend Benardo, the boys dig deeper to find the truths hidden in their own lives. What they learn will change everything they thought they knew about themselves—and each other.

* * * * *

About Rohini Singh: Rohini is an author of young adult science fiction from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad. Her debut book, The Time Manipulator’s Son, is available for pre-order from Something or Other Publishing now!


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