“The Time Manipulator’s Son” Author Discusses Her Journey with Lizzy the Writer

the time manipulators son by rohini singhMiami-based writer Lizzy Grace has extended a little room on her blog for SOOP author Rohini Singh and her forthcoming science-fiction novel, The Time Manipulator’s Son. Head over to Lizzy’s site and read Singh’s brief recollection of her introduction to creative writing and the adventures that followed. Then, hop over to Rohini’s website to pre-order her new book and get to know her even better!

Many thanks to Lizzy the Writer for the support!
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  1. In New York…from all books I have read The Time Manipulators is the definition of the word creative writing. Rohini has created a completely different world, that’s beyond the imagination. I am so excited about this book , that i hope there is a movie to follow…Raj

  2. The Time manipulator’s son quite a remarkable book bringing fourth new worlds and concepts that haven’t been explored in the science fiction genre. Rohini Singh make the world of her book come to life with her vivid imagery and incredible detail making the time Manipulator’s son is an interesting read and a fun page turner.Written with a easy to read format that any one can enjoy this witty book can easily become an instant classic in your home. As a college student attending Baruch in new york city this book is great book at any grade level. I enjoyed this book very much and hope to see more works from this budding author.

  3. As someone who enjoys a good book I can say that The Time Manipulator’s Son had me captivated from cover to cover. This wasn’t only because of the amazing story line, it also involved how well it was written. It’s not always easy but it’s always nice to find a book such as this one.

  4. Nishad Singh says:

    I’m a student at LaGuardia College and I enjoyed reading this book. The Time Manipulators Son is incredibly creative and took my imagination on a ride. The book is easy to pick up but hard to put down. A definite must read I would recommend to anyone.

  5. Thank you all for these wonderful comments. I am delighted to know that the book locked your interest from beginning to end. Please let your friends know how much you enjoyed this book.

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