SOOP on Saturday: The SOOP Top 10 for June 2014

Time for some more SOOP on Saturday. Are you ready to whet your novel appetite with our SOOP Top 10 book ideas moving up the ranks? We certainly hope so because they’re ready for you to view.

The SOOP Top 10 results are sorted by vote count as of the end of day on Friday, June 6th: 

  1. Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages) by Vivek Kumar – 499 votes
  2. The Time Manipulator’s Son by Rohini Singh – 442 votes
  3. Passing Through by Wendy Karasin – 223 votes
  4. RED by Nicole Collet – 217 votes
  5. And I am the Enemy by Colten Zacharias – 201 votes
  6. Snarls of Love by Sandra Carvalho – 65 votes
  7. A Texan Down Under by John Dickerson – 58 votes
  8. Lead with Love and Peace: It’s What the World Needs Now! by Michael Rochelle – 53 votes
  9. My Possessive Mate by Monique Potrzeba – 49 votes
  10. Beating Heart Never Stops by MCMS Adolescents – 46 Votes

Our biggest mover and shaker for this month’s SOOP Top 10 was Monique Potrzeba’s My Possessive Mate, which climbed into 9th place, overtaking the previous placeholder.

We encourage all authors to continue to promote your book idea… whatever your vote count may be, the next valuable benefit is just votes away. Here’s to your continued success!


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