#MarketingMonday: An Author’s Conundrum – Author-Driven Marketing

You finally found the courage to write your book, and you actually accomplished it. Congratulations, you did it! It is a great achievement; you are the author of a published book. After patting yourself on the back, however, you will soon remember that you did write it hoping that people would actually read it. But how can people read a book they have never heard of? And even after hearing about it, why would they buy let alone read it?

If you thought writing was a challenge, welcome to the new world of author-driven marketing. Yep, you got it. Now that you wrote the book, you have to market the book: a daunting thought, indeed. Welcome to the new world of authorship and publishing circa 2014.

But despair not. You are not alone, for most of us are now in the same boat. Except for a handful of authors, we are responsible for getting people to know about and hopefully read our book. That is what is called marketing. I must admit that when I first started writing I had no idea what was to follow once the book was published. I imagine that, like me, many of you do not have marketing/business backgrounds and it all, as the saying goes, is “Greek to me.”

I have already begun my journey toward mastering what was once foreign to me. I have created a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and my own website and blog. I have located a venue for my book launch in New York City and recounted my journey with a guest post on Boomercafe.com. And from time to time, as a SOOP author, I will share my experiences of author-driven marketing on this blog, hoping it will be of some value to you in your own journey. Luckily, with the help SOOP provides its authors, we will not be traveling this bumpy road alone.

By the way, for those of you that are able to make it, the launch of my book, Life at 12 College Road, will be held on July 10, 2014, from 7-9 p.m. at 53 East 11th St. in New York City. I’d love to see you there.


  1. Wade Fransson says:

    Thanks for sharing the ups and downs on your journey. Interesting – and helpful.

  2. Valerie Simons says:

    Eric, it will be interesting to connect with your readers and discover what experiences you have in common.

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