The SOOP Top 10: March 15, 2014

The I Heart SOOP Authors Contest may have ended a month ago, but the drive to 1,000 votes — and publication — continues for all of the authors giving our unique selection model a spin. 

Below is the current SOOP Top 10… our most popular as-yet-unpublished titles, sorted by vote count as of March 15, 2014: 

  1. Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages) by Vivek Kumar – 500 votes
  2. The Time Manipulator’s Son by Rohini Singh – 434 votes
  3. Passing Through by Wendy Karasin – 227 votes
  4. RED by Nicole Collet – 206 votes
  5. Snarls of Love by Sandra Carvalho – 65 votes
  6. A Texan Down Under by John Dickerson – 58 votes
  7. A Beating Heart Never Stops by MCMS Adolescents – 41 votes
  8. Climbing the Cross Cultural Cliff by Rali Panchanatham and Wade Fransson – 39 votes
  9. Father of the Year by Lisa Gentry – 34 votes
  10. Lead with Love and Peace: It’s What the World Needs Now by Michael Rochelle – 32 votes

Continued good luck to all of our authors! Remember that whatever your vote count may be, the next valuable benefit is just votes away

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