I Heart SOOP Contest Leaderboard (as of Jan 16, 2014)

Just a little over two weeks until virtual polls close in the I Heart SOOP Authors Contest — time again to check in on the leaderboard. Here are the top 10 titles-in-running, sorted as of midnight, January 16, 2014:

  1. ilovesoop_goldThe Time Manipulator’s Son by Rohini Singh – 460 votes
  2. Hearts on Fire (Heartwarming Birthday Messages) by Vivek Kumar – 358 votes
  3. Passing Through by Wendy Karasin – 244 votes
  4. A Texan Down Under by John Dickerson – 58 votes
  5. Snarls of Love by Sandra Carvalho – 56 votes
  6. A Beating Heart Never Stops by MCMS Adolescents – 40 votes
  7. Climbing the Cross Cultural Cliff by Rali Panchanatham and Wade Fransson – 39 votes
  8. Father of the Year by Lisa Gentry – 34 votes
  9. Sixteen by Adam Gibson – 25 votes
  10. The Final Letter by Ralph Arbitelle – 12 votes

Our top four contenders remained intact this week, as did most of the top 10. The one exception: A Beating Heart Never Stops, which added 12 votes and jumped from eighth place to sixth. The top vote getter overall was Hearts on Fire, which continued to solidify its position by adding 18 votes to its tally. 

Remember that voting is ongoing until midnight, January 31, 2014, and our three winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day. 

We’ll be back next Friday (January 24) with our updated leaderboard. In the meantime, we encourage our authors to keep up the fine work in building their platforms. Good luck to all!
photo by andrewmalone / CC BY

photo by andrewmalone / CC BY

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