Congratulations, Eric Mondschein!

Eric Mondschein is slated to become the next published author within the SOOP Family. Eric’s book, Life at 12 College Road, is now available for pre-order right here, as we put the finishing touches on it before its pre-Thanksgiving release. The book, with its warm and relentlessly entertaining tales of Eric’s childhood home life, seems custom-made for a release during the Holiday season. 

SOOP is proud to welcome Eric, who brings a unique perspective and a much-needed voice to our growing stable of publications.  Eric is accomplished in his career, and life, as those who click on his name above will discover. But what comes through loud and clear in the wonderfully charming, funny, and poignant tales of his youth is that his family made him what he is.

What is he really? And what connection might his childhood experiences have with your own? You might be surprised–but you’ll have to experience Life at 12 College Road for yourself to find out.


What we remember 12 College Road looking like.


  1. Rohini Singh says:

    Congratulations Eric! I wish you all the best.

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