Anthology Program Editorial Standards

For our Anthology Program, Something Or Other Publishing expects curators to hold themselves and authors to these editorial standards. Submissions that fail to meet or violate these standards will not be accepted.

Acceptance or rejection of submissions is completely at the discretion of SOOP staff.

No overt or implied discrimination or bigotry regarding race, color, religion, creed, age, gender/gender expression, nationality or ethnicity, marital status, military status or sexual orientation.

If a story includes profanity, it should be used only sparingly and for reasonable effect.

No graphic sexual content.

Fan fiction or the use of copyrighted material is forbidden.

No poetry, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Expect your authors to thoroughly self-edit; each draft should have only minimal typos and grammatical errors.

Be prepared to do developmental and critical editing as well. Is the flow and cadence of the story engaging and effective? How could it be improved? Remember, we’re looking for works that are original, unique, captivating and profoundly effective; narratives that evoke thoughts and emotions that will linger with readers long after they’ve finished the stories. Author have but a little space with which to work; make it count.

Toward that end, offer constructive feedback. There’s no need to coddle authors, but at the same time, negative or biting criticism won’t produce good results, and runs counter to SOOP’s philosophy of encouraging people toward excellence.

Important: If a story does not fit your vision for your anthology, please email Christian and indicate in your message to the author that his or her piece will be considered for the 25 Servings of SOOP series. To the extent possible, we’d like to repurpose submissions for other anthologies, rather than rejecting them because of thematic differences.


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