About SOOP

Uniting Authors, Readers, and Service Providers together to create reading experiences that spark joy and excitement. 

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Something or Other Publishing (we like to just say SOOP) is here to help authors publish terrific, successful books. We are a pioneer of author-driven publishing, where we merge the power of a publisher with the self-promotional and creative control aspects of self-publishing. 

The heart of SOOP is creating a space for great storytelling— whether they ultimately publish with us or not. But that’s not our only goal. We also want to focus on the human element of publishing — the heart of the matter.

  • SOOP for readers:

Reading with SOOP is one of the best experiences. SOOP offers a variety of titles ranging from our signature anthology program to our voter-curated selection of authors who offer their unique stories or expertise to our audience.We are passionate about making reading accessible to everyone. SOOP offers a unique library of books that come from the innovative minds of people with fresh voices but with the quality we have all become familiar. We also do regular book giveaways! 


  • For service providers:

SOOP really shines for service providers in the publishing industry. SOOP offers an eco-system to create wonderful books with brilliant people trying to tell their story. We regular are able to point our authors to our network for services like editing, book coaching, and other services. By joining the SOOP service provider network, you are opening yourself up for fresh opportunities to work with motivated authors who are ready to create something special. 

Want to join our network?: contact [email protected] 

  • For authors:

Our democratized selection process seeks to shift power toward the author and his or her readers and fans, and away from a small group of agents and editors whose tastes are ever-shifting. SOOP offers something different. It’s not a complete shift, as we must continue to ensure that our books meet certain standards of quality and professionalism. But it is a major shift nonetheless. Our hope is that our author-driven model will provide a platform for a new generation of authors and a rich diversity of voices.

At SOOP, we have combined the creative flexibility of self-publishing with the standards of traditional publishing and the marketing power of a publishing house. 

SOOP does this by providing the expertise and marketing to help authors build their audience. As each author builds their audience on our platform, they join us on a journey to take their book from idea to manuscript and then onto the shelf. In addition to our revolutionary publishing model, we also aim for our company and our authors to keep engaged in our local communities. We support our authors as they engage with the world through events, conferences, and social media. 


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