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SOOP has two levels of participation: a Premium Level, and a Free Level. Both levels will receive Homework Assignments corresponding to their milestones, but only Premium Level members will get graded assignments along the way, complete with feedback from a panel of experts. This is especially helpful for self-publishers, who want the helping hand of experts.

The Premium Level has graded assignments at each level, whereas the Free Level participants will have all of their assignments evaluated together at the 2000 Vote Milestone. They will be graded on a Pass/Fail scale, and will not receive a contract offer until all assignments are Passing. The advantage of having assignments grades as you go is that you won’t have the opportunity to veer off course. You will have a team of experts to keep you on track. 

The cost of the Premium level is $25.00 per month, or $99.oo for a full year. This investment will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. The advice of experts will do wonders. 


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