#WednesdaysareforWriters: The Lottery Curse is Coming

It took him one year, readers. One single year. He gathered support like wildfire, blazing through the ranks of the then Top-20s and the current Hot-20 and Top 40 lists. Not a single week went by that The Lottery Curse by Carey Azzara wasn’t featured. And now you can order his book, which goes on sale December 8 and is sure to arrive by Christmas! … [Read more...]

Wednesdays are for Writers and Passion

When an author writes non-fiction, they had better be able to back up their words. Author of the sky-rocketing Book Idea Beyond Terror, Anne Marie Waters, joins us today to give us a taste of her work. Her guest blog offering is chock full of sources, and that is something all aspiring non-fiction authors should take note of. Whether or not you … [Read more...]

#WednesdaysAreForWriters and Editors

Writing is a tough business. There's a lot that goes into the writing of anything, from a book to this blog post. The publishing world would not be as difficult and intricate as it is if any part of writing were actually simple. And the publishing world does not go round without some of its most integral people: The editors. Today, SOOP announces a … [Read more...]

#WednesdaysAreForWriters and Tips

This week, Author Nicole Collet shares some tips with her fellow writers. Five tips for new writersIt finally happened. SOOP published my novel Red today! Am I ecstatic? Absolutely!I have come a long way since I wrote the first sentence in RED: A Love Story, and in this post I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned in the process of … [Read more...]

#WednesdaysAreForWriters and Balancing Acts

This week, Carey Azzara, author of the #4 ranked Book Idea The Lottery Curse, shares his feelings on what is needed to make one successful: Balance. What do authors need to do beside write?Answer: Convince people to read what they've written! Marketing is the other job authors need to do. Are you doing it?An often-visited topic is how to … [Read more...]

Wednesdays are for Writers and Fabulous Announcements!

A Shakeup in the Top 20Today's blog announces the recent success of author Jennifer Irwin's A Dress the Color of the Sky which this past week passed the 2000-vote threshold and surpassed Red by Nicole Collet in the Top 20.  Since Jennifer's debut on the SOOP Top 20 on August 8, 2015 with 357 votes, she has seen her Book Idea rise to the very top in … [Read more...]

“Embracing the Healing power of Music: Seven steps for Finding Your Way Out of the Darkness and Into The Light, with God’s Gift of Song” by Ann Harrison

Embracing the Healing power of Music: Seven steps for Finding Your Way Out of the Darkness and Into The Light, with God's Gift of SongVote for this Book IdeaVoting StatusCountdown to 1,000 votes remaining50 votes – Production self-help guide125 votes – Platform self-help guide200 votes – Promotion self-help guide300 votes – Author Assessment 400 … [Read more...]

“Stuff” by Edna White

The things that no one told us about life after sexual abuse is so over looked and sometimes we feel we are alone, Sadly, this is not uncommon. We can enter into the healing we need and are so worthy of, if we just recognize what we already have inside of us. This book shares the events in my life and gives the reader a road map to gaining the life … [Read more...]


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