‘The Dangerous Game’ by Erin Calebs

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‘Northern Spring’ by Celeste Warrior

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‘Love, Drugs, and Heartache’ by Abraham Rodriguez

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‘True Love to a Naive Heart’ by Andi Lutz

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‘The God of Next Moment’ by Jamaluddin Jamali

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“Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset: Soon A New Day Will Dawn” by Cleo Patra

Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset; Soon A New Day Will Dawn is an anthology regarding the life experiences, indifferent decision-making and the struggles of romantic relationships of a physically limited woman. It also provides the reader with the insight how it is to live with physical limitations as well as the hope that soon a new day will be dawn and all … [Read more...]

“The Demon Farer” by Ben Bamber

Richard Renik is the young son of a multi-millionaire weapons manufacturer. After what seems like a tragic accident Richard’s father dies, leaving him with his pill-popping, alcoholic mother; a victim of her husbands’ violence, since they married. Everyone agreed that his father’s death was an accident, apart from one rookie detective.Ten years … [Read more...]

“A Broom At The Masthead” by M J Logue

Somewhere between "Forever Amber" and "The Thin Man", " A Broom At The Masthead" is a pacy, racy romp set in Restoration London, featuring the husband and wife detective combination of Major Thankful Russell and his young wife Thomazine. Two years ago, whilst Thankful was involved in secret diplomatic missions for the King, someone murdered his … [Read more...]

“O Negative” by Ricky Allen

"I was not cattle. I will not be treated like so.The donor line was getting longer and longer as I looked from a distance. I was going to be here all day, and any thought of seeing Paul in the evening was out the window. I hated the new laws. I felt they invaded my space, my life. You could tell the ones who had given more than they should. They … [Read more...]

“Through My Imagination” by Erick-Louise Dowers

Twenty-two year old Willow Blair has never felt true happiness, but how can she when she's never had the opportunity. Life has never treated her well and now she lives day by day without any change, the only change is the customers who walk through the cafe doors every day. Her only escape is her dreams, whether they take her to her dark past or … [Read more...]


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