‘The Lottery Curse’ by Carey Azzara

Lottery winners beware.  You must navigate to a distant shore and virtue is not a sufficient lifeboat.
Four stories present conundrums of wealth dreamers who discover a hellish side to their windfall.
Brandi and Myles step into a life few ever know, but Brandi is ill prepared for the transformation and the depths of her depravity. Myles drawn into wantonness finds his fate is a bitter one; he’s on trial for an atrocious crime. Yet, he discovers a strength he didn’t know he possessed.
Natalie grieves her husband and is shocked when his will requires she buy lottery tickets or lose her inheritance. Later, it’s as if he has a hand in her lottery win from the grave. She protects her children from the lottery’s vagaries, leaves a legacy, but a trust betrayed leads to rage.
Toll taker Peter Kirby wins the largest Powerball on record and is plunged into a world he doesn’t understand. His fight to belong proves maddening. Turning attention to a niece, he creates pain and catastrophe and learns forgiveness is a rare commodity.

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