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 It's always our goal that our author's books will be #1 Hot New Releases, and our goal is for RED: A Love Story to be an Amazon Bestseller. … more

Author Updates That AREN’T Lame

  Now that we’ve finished our Easiest Way to Get Votes series, I thought that we would look at an important subject that isn’t just … more

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for August 22, 2015

What IS it about the end of summer that spurs us into action? We see the clock of summer ticking down and think of all the things we want to … more

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‘The Fallen: Chains of Fire (Book One)’ by Monica Fowler

The Fallen: Chains of Fire (Book One)

Since she was a kid, Marie Mitchell has been plagued with dreams of foreign lands, visions of another period in time and floating handwriting that appears from nowhere, but … read more

‘More Than One’ by Monica Fowler

More Than One

Jamie Whitlock is a twenty year old college student from Atlanta, Georgia who wants to believe she is normal, but the nightmares she has every night suggests something … read more

‘When Shadows Collect…’ by Ian Brash

When Shadows Collect

Don't Read it!  LEAVE!  You've made a grave mistake.  Its in the room with you now. are you ready to see it?  Reach out and tempt Fate.  Warning!This book is a evidence item … read more

‘Marijuana Heist’ by Kutlo Radipabe


"Marijuana is a useful catalyst for specific optical and aural aesthetic perceptions." -Allen GinsbergAn animator student Oliver is content with his high life of smoking … read more



When the narrator attends the funeral of an old friend, a Veteran whom had been homeless, he is stunned when, being the only person to attend, he is given the flag from the … read more

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