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The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Eight

  While one would think that logically our #MarketingMonday series dealing with bringing in votes via Twitter should now cover what sort of … more

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for July 25, 2015

We have some "wacky" new book ideas "springing" onto the Top 20 list, for which we are very grateful. Get the hint? Congrats to those … more

The Easiest Way to Get Votes: Part Seven

 This week we discuss how you can easily get promotions for your Book Idea in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of people using … more

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“Ahnera – Under Osa: Book 1″ by Paige Ryker


 Leaving her home planet to escape her dark past, Makamae Wikolia travels to Malten, the capital cave city of Ahnera. But her reputation precedes her and Drakon Claudian, … read more

“A Broom At The Masthead” by M J Logue

A Broom At The Masthead

Somewhere between "Forever Amber" and "The Thin Man", " A Broom At The Masthead" is a pacy, racy romp set in Restoration London, featuring the husband and wife detective … read more

“The Springer” by Catherine Hope

The Springer

The “Springer” is a fantasy romance novel which describes the heartbreaking journey of Cerridwen Wyatt, the mysterious traveler from another world, and James Blackwood, a … read more

“Loving a Libra Man” by Jordhan Deidrick

Loving a Libra Man

Twenty six year old journalist blackmailed into being a spy on a rogued operative in a new country. She tries to keep her new job a secret and made a deal with a man to help … read more

“O Negative” by Ricky Allen


"I was not cattle. I will not be treated like so.The donor line was getting longer and longer as I looked from a distance. I was going to be here all day, and any thought of … read more

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